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::notes on the past week::

this past thursday, i revisited the Academy of Sciences and met with an assistant curator of the Steinhart Aquarium. he very kindly shared his knowledge of the sea anemone with me and as we perambulated through the aquarium, he enlightened me to the zooxanthella, symbiotic algae, that live inside different types of anemones. upon hearing about yet another symbiotic relationship that the anemone is involved in, i realized that i am fascinated by these symbiotic relationships. the algae in particular is extremely interesting because they absorb toxicities produced by and surrounding the anemone and convert them into energy for the anemone. another interesting illumination was the idea of looking at anemones as “coral without skeletons” and looking at coral ecosystems as a whole instead of only focusing on isolated organisms within that system. 

the idea of symbiotic relationships led me to thinking about projects that i had come upon during my research which rely on symbiosis. these projects include "jacket antics" by Barbara Layne of Studio subTela, which relies on hand-holding between two people in order to make two separate garments work together, and The Hug-Shirt by CuteCircuit which allows you to hug others over long distances. i don’t know exactly how these ideas will fit into iterations for next week, but there’s definitely lots to mull over here…

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